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How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Windows 10 Devices

How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Windows 10 Devices
Windows 10 devices are made with the added tracking capabilities through which any user could easily find up the device if in case it is lost or being stolen by anybody. The tracking features are much more advanced and technical which tends to provide the exact location of the device, front cam snapshots of the stealer and many more amazing things. Through all these features, finding the lost or stolen Windows 10 device could be a no worry task and it could be done easily. But to find up your device through the in-built tracking capabilities there have to be some steps followed by the user. Here in this article, we have written the steps with which you could find any lost or stolen Windows 10 devices with the exact location of the device. To know about the steps, just head on to the main part of the article which is given below, read about it after that.
How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Windows 10 Devices
Below is the complete step by step guide that will help you to find your lost or stolen Windows 10 Devices. So follow the below steps to proceed.

Steps To Find Your Lost or Stolen Windows 10 Devices:
1. To let your device be found while it’s lost or stolen you would first have to make some settings in the Windows 10 device. You would need to enable theFind My Deviceoption or the feature from the settings of your device. For going on with this feature, you would first require to have the Microsoft Account as well as fully updated Windows 10 running on your device. Please check for both these things before you could go for the further steps.

2. Open the Settings app from your Windows 10 device and then under that settings find and tap on the Update and Security settings option. This could be straightforward to look for these settings as all the settings are placed in the form of tabs.

3. In the left side, column clicks on the Find My Device option and then on the right of your screen you would be able to see various settings related to the feature. The current status of this feature could also be traced from the text line highlighted. Note that by default the Find My Device feature is disabled.

4. To enable the feature, click on the Change button in the Find My Device section and then enable up to the switch named “Save my device’s location periodically.” You have activated the location tracking feature for your device now so you could use up your device without fear of being lost or stolen because your device could be easily located afterward.
5. To locate your lost device or stolen device just go to the “ s” and from there a sign in with your Microsoft account which was made for your Windows 10 device, i.e., stolen or lost. You would see the list of all your devices there and hence from there, you could choose your lost or stolen device too.
6. There would be some options and links placed on the sides of the devices, from there you could also see the Find My device links so just click on that for your lost or stolen device in the list.

7. This would show you the last available location of your device and further it would also show you the exact location on the map as well the time it was last tracked. If the location isn’t available for the device, then it’s certain that the person who had stolen the device has reset your device and turned off the Find My Device feature by some trick!

So, these were the steps through which you could find your lost or stolen Windows 10 devices all that by just syncing with the tracing tools and services.

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